Escudo Concello de Vigo

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Blue Path: Between Lighthouses

Blue Paths are an initiative from ADEAC in Blue Flag municipalities. They contribute to a sustainable use of the coast, making the management, conservation and dissemination of nature and ethnographic values compatible with the development, health and well-being of citizens.

We are now in the Cies Islands archipielago, consisting of Monteagudo Island, Faro Island and San Martiño Island in the municipality of Vigo and with a total protected area of 3,091 ha; 433 ha inland and 2,658 ha in the sea.

This archipielago, together with Ons, Salvora and Cortegada archipielagos are part of the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime- Terrestrial National Park.

The route between lighthouses follows the existing paths of Cies lighthouse and Peito lighthouse and offers a wider view of the value and wealth of this natural area through a back-and- forth path.

The route starts beside the information booth, to the South, following the yellow signs of Faro de Cies. It is 3.5 km long (7 km back-and- forth) and goes through As Rodas beah and its dunes, Nenos Lake, Natural Park Information Centre (formerly Monastery of Saint Esteban) and Cies lighthouse, 175 m. above the sea level.

To the North, follow the red signs of Faro do Peito. The path is 2.5 km long (5 km back-and-forth) and goes to the Muxieiro-Figueiras dune system, Figueiras beach, a bird observatory and finally, Peito lighthouse.