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If you want to move around the city and the surroundings without using your own car, there are three public transport options: taxis, local buses and passenger boats.

Local buses

Vigo’s public transport service has been run by the company Vitrasa (Viguesa de Tranportes S.A.) since 1968. The company currently has a fleet of 116 buses, which links the main neighbourhoods and the municipality’s parishes. Vitrasa has a total of 43 routes functioning from 6 am to 11 pm, approximately. There are special discounts for all travellers. The Green Card is an e-payment cheaper than the normal fare, specially to school and university students, and pensioners.

Sea transport

The company Naviera Mar de Ons provides a regular sea transport service between Vigo and the localities of Cangas and Moaña, with daily departures and arrivals throughout the whole year, every hour or half-hour according to the route. During the summer, its service is extended to include tours and expeditions to the Cíes Islands.

Taxi service

Vigo has three taxi companies, whose services can be hired by telephone or at any of the city’s taxi stands. The main stands are:

- 72 Avenida Balaídos (986 295 091)
- 1 Castrelos (989 232 188)
- 25 Gran Vía (986 420 670)
- 106 Torrecedeira (986 295 240)
- Grove (986 299 998)
- 5 Praza Suárez Llanos (986 232 099)
- Urzaiz (986 272 424)


Local buses

Passenger service:
986 207 474

Maritime Station
Tel. 986 225 272

Central Radio Taxi:
986 470 000
Radio Taxi Servicio:
986 272 829
Radio Taxi Vigo:
986 252 700

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