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At the first glance
What is Vigo? Where is it? Find out something about the city and its inhabitants at a single glance. Surf this map of the web and familiarise yourself with Vigo’s inhabitants.

Where We Are
Vigo is a coastal city, Galicia’s largest. Galicia is a region in the Northwest Iberian Peninsula, with its own culture. Find out where it is and how to get to Vigo.
What We Speak
In Vigo people speak Galician (a Romance language similar to Portuguese), and also Spanish. Both are official city languages. You can find out more about Vigo in Galician and in Spanish.
Our History
Vigo is an industrial city, but it also has a rich Roman past. Some theories point to a Celtic heritage, which explains the name of its football team: Celta.
What We Are Like
Vigo has beautiful places and monuments, great natural beauty spots, in harmony with its coastal location and important rural territory.

Getting Around Vigo

Once you reach the city, you can rely on its public transport: buses, taxis and boats. You can use the web’s street plan to familiarise yourself with the city streets.

The City of the 21st Century

Vigo is a dynamic and flourishing city. Its future is being built by means of urban development, cultural, educational… projects. This is the Vigo of the 21st century.

The City Council

This institution is in charge of local affairs, of managing the city and its habitability. The Mayor is the head of the City Council.


You can find out about Vigo’s latest news in the municipal Newspaper. Its contents are only available in Galician.

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